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Content Based Addressing


I've written a posting about the IPFS, and will write another one on Fission itself, but as part of that I want to better understand a few things. Such as concerning content based addressing: Assume you have a regular tree structure of folders and files, and you change a single file at the deepest level in that tree. That file's address will change as its content changed. How far up the tree structure does that propagate though? Not at all? All the way to the top of the tree?

That is the main purpose of this posting, to figure out. My address before this posting (Qmed6nbQy28dA7EqgVWYYzDEN8aycEvH98d8kSjpuGBwF6) is a directory listing with a single folder 'blog'. In that folder is the file you are reading (index.html in regular parlance). Now that I've added this posting, does the address of /blog change? Does the address of change? Or don't they, as within the blog folder the index.html has changed, and thus its hash, but the content of the folder hasn't changed, merely the addresses of things within it. Let's see what happens. I am guessing the address of the entire tree structure will change, when anything in it changes.

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